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Land Drainage

Poor drainage is more often than not caused by the compaction of the earth called panning this causes the earth to become impermeable,  the problem is magnified if the compacted earth is heavy clay. Unfortunately this issue is very common in new builds where heavy plant equipment has continually run over the same patch of earth.

Typical problems arise from poor land drainage these include Puddles in the lawn that take an age to disappear, The dog covered in mud every time he goes out, the kids cannot play out, you can’t hang your washing out, your paving is always dirty and has started to move. And if that’s not enough there is always Mud, Mud and even more Mud.

We will find the source of the issue, excavate out any clay earth, break up the panning and that’s before we install a series of BS 100mm perforated land drains. Once the land drains have been installed we will back fill the whole area using only grade 1 top soil then we will re-turf the area as needed using your choice of turf and finally restoring your garden back to its former glory.  Our extensive methods are trialled, tested and proven, time over and for your piece of mind GUARANTEED RESULTS. Now that’s reassurance.

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